Outlook is a popular email platform and connecting your mail account is relatively straightforward if you have the right information.

Once you have created your new email address within your hosting email management dashboard you can use the information to connect that mailbox to Outlook.  Remember, you will need the password you used when you created the mailbox.


You would usually use an IMAP connection in Outlook which is a live link to the email server; what you see in your mailbox is what is there.  This includes your inbox, folders, send items and trash.  It’s important to note that any messages deleted on one platform will be deleted on all.

You may choose to use a POP3 connection instead, but this would be inadvisable if you used any other devices to access your emails.

A POP3 connection downloads a copy of the email into mailbox, removing it from your email server.  This means if you connect from a different platform (a mail app on your phone for example) the message will no longer be there.  Any folders you create would also not be replicated within your mail server mailbox.

Connecting your email to Outlook

Each version of Outlook has small differences so the process may not be identical but the first thing you need to do is create a new account.

If you have not used Outlook before you will be prompted to do this when you are setting it up but otherwise you will have to manually go through the process.

This may be under “File – Add Account” or “Tools – Accounts – +”.

You will usually then see this screen:

Enter the full email address you with to use and select Continue.

Sometimes it will suggest a match but usually you will manually need to choose your connection:

Select IMAP / POP and fill in the details in the next screen:

The username is your FULL email address and the password the one you created when you set-up the email address.  The Incoming and Outgoing Servers should be the same and something like mail.[yourdomain].com but this is not always the case.  For am IMAP account the Port is 993 (you may need to change this). The SMTP (Outgoing Server) port is 465.  Select “Add Account”.  You should then see a success message.

Your account is now ready to use.  If it’s an existing email address, you should start to see emails and any folders appearing in your mailbox.  This can take a while depending on how many messages there are.

Common problems

 Wrong username – your username is always the FULL email address, not just your name

Wrong server details – you may find that in the IMAP or SMTP settings the server name has already been added.  This is not necessarily the correct one so you should always check in your hosting dashboard what these should be.

Emails disappearing – Remember this is a live connection to the email server so anything deleted from one platform will delete from all.

There is lots of help available via Microsoft but if you need help connecting your business email to Outlook please do contact us.  You can also read out connecting your email to Gmail here.

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