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Why is SEO (search engine optimisation) so important?

Our SEO packages make your website, and therefore your business, more visible. In simple terms, this means more organic traffic to your site and more opportunities to convert views into more money for your business.

Persuading Google and other search engines that your website is a trusted source of valuable information is key to improving visibility. The possibilities are endless for big brands with matching budgets, but you may be surprised (and reassured) to hear that there are some very simple steps which can make a big difference to your ranking and understanding how well optimised your site is, can inform some very cost-effective solutions. You can read more about SEO copywriting, for example, in our blog here.

Many SEO principles also go hand in hand with a positive user experience and getting that right will improve your chances of selling to the people who arrive on your site.

PAGE SPEED Slow loading sites negatively affect user experience and increase the likelihood of bounce, so a faster loading time (along with other important factors) contribute to higher ranking.

KEYWORD ANALYSIS  Knowing what keywords you are ranking for organically can be eye opening. Often, they’re not what you expect (or hope for) and being aware can inform small adjustments to make a big difference.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Knowing what your competitors are ranking for can be extremely help in terms of inform your own strategy.

BROKEN LINKS Internal links not only play an important part in helping Google to understand your site’s structure, reaching a 404 page will have an adverse impact on user experience and therefore impact on your ranking.

ACCESSIBILITY  Both accessibility and SEO principles focus on user experience so while this isn’t a direct ranking factor, user experience will impact on your bounce rate. Regardless, you don’t want to alienate users with visual impairment of any kind.

TITLES AND META DESCRIPTIONS Well optimised page titles and descriptions which fit common search results will increase the likelihood of your site content appearing when your target audience search for information or services that you offer.

How well optimised is my website for SEO?

We offer a range of SEO audits to help determine your current position and the best course of action for you to take next, whatever stage you are at, to get the best return on your investment in search optimisation. They start from just £100.

Basic Audit

Recommended for new websites as a 3-month post launch review.

Basic health check
3 recommendations for next steps

Full Audit

Recommended for more established businesses who need to understand their current ranking and make improvements.

From £300
SEO Speed
Organic keyword ranking
User experience
Recommendations for next steps and priorities
Optional 30-minute Zoom call to discuss results - £50.

Executive Audit

Recommended for more established businesses who need to understand their current ranking and make improvements.

From £500

The Full Audit plus:

Competitor analysis
Keyword research